How to drive an e-bikes?

Italmoto e-bikes simply increase your biking strength. You can use them as a normal bike, but climbs are no longer a problem.

E-bikes are electric motorcycles, right?

No, electric motorcycles use a throttle to give power. Italmoto e-bikes are pedal assisted; it means that the strength on the pedals regulates the level of assistance. Driving an electric pedal assisted bicycle is incredibly intuitive: anyone will immediately feel at ease.

Where can I ride?

Several trails and cycle paths allow access to e-bikes. Speed limits for e-bikes may vary by country, region or city. For more information, check with local authorities.

Do electric bicycles need a license or homologation?

Several trails and cycle paths allow access to e-bikes. Speed limits for e-bikes may vary by country, region or city. For more information, check with local authorities.

What is the maximum speed?

For specific top speed it’s necessary to check specifications of each bikes and the availability on the market; maximum speeds range from 25kmh to 45kmh.

Which accessories are well matched?

Most of our e-bikes are already equipped with accessories such as mudguards and racks. Other accessories are available on our ecommerce or at resellers

How many levels of pedal assistance are available?

Pedal assistance levels vary by model, from 5 to 9 PAS

Why are there multiple assistance levels?

Cyclists don\’t always need the same assistance level. Less assistance increase battery life, but you can always use more to accelerate or climb hills.

What is the watt-hour?

Watt-hour is a measure of battery capacity. It can be considered as the “capacity of the petrol tank”.

What is the driving range?

Generally, the range varies from 30 to 80km depending on the energy mode used, the soil and other driving conditions such as load and wind.

How do you activate / deactivate the battery?

Some models have a power switch on the battery side as an on / off control for the entire system, others models has a key that activate, deactivate and remove the battery.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

About 3-5 hours, depending on the level before charging.

How do I charge the battery?

The battery charges like a personal computer or mobile phone. Simply plug charger into a socket and connect it to the battery. All Italmoto e-bikes do not require remove the battery while charging, but it is always an available option. The battery side lights indicate that it’s fully charged.

Is the battery waterproof?


Can I lock the battery?

Yes, the battery is locked to the bike trough a key.

Does pedaling charge the battery?

No, the Italmoto engines are not rechargeable by pedaling. Most rechargeable motors return a small energy amount to the battery, while sacrificing a lot in terms of efficiency.

Are spare batteries available?

Spare batteries are available from the Italmoto service center or your local dealer.

Do the lights still work even though the battery is low?

Yes. The battery management systems stop assisting engine when the residual capacity reaches a certain level, but it’s still enough to power the lights.

What warranty is there?

The Italmoto warranty has a duration of two years.

What maintenance is needed?

Maintenance is similar to normal bicycle. Lithium-ion batteries perform better at room temperature; the battery can discharge if left at extreme temperatures, so we recommend inside storage.

Where can e-bikes be serviced?

At any Italmoto e-bike dealer.

Where can I buy one?

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