Since 1952
an all-Italian passion

We have always carried out an idea of mobility entirely conceived and produced in our home, in search of the best combination of designinnovation and creativity.

Italmoto is a brand of Italian Motorcycles, a manufacturer of high-tech vehicles that aims to promote sustainable mobility.

Our story begins in Bologna in 1952,in the Motor Valley, where some of the most important car and motorcycle brands in the world were born.

Today we want to actively contribute to a revolution in urban mobility, reinterpreting our glorious past in a contemporary, sustainable and innovative way.

Our bikes export the values of the best Made in Italy around the world, in the name of a renewed classicism that looks with great attention to the design and style of Italmoto vehicles of the 50’s and 60’s.

on our path

Our skills, manufacturing quality and attention to innovation were chosen by Maserati, and starting in 1957, it began a collaboration that lasted almost a decade,with participation in several competitions.

For Maserati we produced engines and mechanical parts until 1963, writing an important page of the Italmoto history.

Back on the roads

In recent years we came back to produce our bikes with the Italmoto brand and we took part to many international events such as EICMAin Milan and Motodaysin Rome.

Today we carry out in house design, with great attention to the choice and quality of materials.

For some components, such as engines, batteries and brakes we rely on the experience, reliability and prestige of well-known international brands.

More and more electric

We want to reduce the environmental impact generated by travels, so we launched new electric vehicles (ebike, scooters and kick scooters) that combine sophisticated design and care for the environment.

The innovation

In 2020, the company invested in an innovative project, concerning the development of a very efficient powertrain system for e-bikes.

Our idea is ambitious: to develop an intelligent engine to make travel (urban and not) even more comfortable, fast and sustainable.

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