Italmoto accessories are all made with the best materials, to ensure the products worthiness and endurance.
A great attention to design and details, to make your e-bike and your scooter even more beautiful and comfortable offering bags, rear racks and many other accessories that we update and add continuously.
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    The Italmoto leather bag is a key accessory for your e-bike.

    Useful and stylish, the saddlebag-styled bags are perfect for the back rear rack.

    The vintage stylishness gives an always unique look, which is completed by the double buckle locking and the lower safety mechanisms that ensure a secure and hands-on assembly to the frame of your e-bike.

    The leather like is 100% made in Italy.

    Compatible with Tiquattro EB ( with the use of Back Rear Rack) and with Clodia

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    With this sturdy and reliable luggage carrier, you can take everything you need with you: shopping bags, items and parcels.
    You can also use it to install a baby seat (with a maximum load of 25kg).

    The Tiquattro back rack is an indispensable accessory to be able to mount our leather bag.

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